Provincial Water Act Application

Water Act Application

May, 2016

Badlands made application to Alberta Environment and Parks office in Red Deer (February, 2015) for approval to fill in two wetlands and use the rest in their engineered stormwater management plan.

We believe if 2015 Wetland Policies are enforced Badlands should not receive approval. In our opinion the proponent’s environmental report and stormwater plan submitted with the application support that after mitigations, the risk to the habitat and the watershed of this avoidable development are much too great in an environmentally significant area.

Correspondence from the Provincial Red Deer Water Office

March, 2016

Our group received correspondence from the Red Deer water office explaining the process of evaluating the Badlands application under the Water Act.

Letter from Red Deer Water Office

Water Act Application Process Details

Save the Rosebud Attends Wheatland County Council Meeting

July, 2015

Save the Rosebud and Cliff Wallis, P.Biol., attended a Wheatland County meeting to discuss our concerns in regards to this application. We asked Wheatland Council to recognize their obligations to protect a shared river valley under the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan and be prepared to submit a Statement of Concern if the Badlands application is published. They agreed and we are very grateful for their support.

Save the Rosebud Sends Information for the Water Act Application

July, 2015

Adjacent landowners sent a series of information emails to the Red Deer Water Office and the Public Lands Dept of Alberta Environment and Parks. This was information we deemed necessary to process the application. Statements of Concern cannot be filed until the application is published. We do not know what newspaper the application will be published in and will only have seven days to file our statements. Lawyer, Hugh Ham, has already drafted a Statement of Concern representing over 100 residents. We are still adding names to that list. Contact

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