Save the Rosebud Offer to Purchase Land


May, 2016

Save the Rosebud is committed to achieving their goal of working collaboratively to create a conservation easement up and down the Rosebud River Valley. To achieve that goal Save the Rosebud will make another offer to purchase the land proposed for the racetrack development at agricultural fair market value. The purchase would provide the racetrack proponent with a fair and equitable exit.


DECEMBER 10, 2013

December 4th was the public hearing for the Direct Control District for the Badlands Motorsport Resort lands.

We’re disappointed with the 4:3 approval of 2nd reading of the bylaw but were heartened by Reeve Long’s assurance that 2nd reading was necessary to move the bylaw along for council discussions. That leads us to believe that 3rd reading could be a different outcome. CAO Al Hoggan said that 3rd reading wasn’t likely until spring.

Our community opposition has only continued to grow stronger evidenced by the large turnout when only a few hours earlier roads were still closed and back roads were blocked with snow. We’re confident the developer now realizes the uphill battle they face to force this racetrack into an ocean of opposition.

The developer continues attempts to persuade us that our perceptions are incorrect and yet refuses to simply do the studies now instead of later to prove otherwise. (eg. EIA, TIA, Acoustical, Geotechnical, Comprehensive Site Plan, Sewer/Sanitary, Storm Water)

On behalf of the Save the Rosebud group we have offered to purchase the land from the developer and pay bona fide 3rd party expenses to date. This offer demonstrates the resolve of this community to protect these lands.

Subsequent to the successful purchase of the land we will pursue a mutual agreement among landowners to protect the valley from threat of intensive development in the future. This is contrary to the developer’s notion that such environmental protection is possible with a race track at its center.

Here’s a Calgary Herald article about these developments.

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