The Rosebud River Valley

The Rosebud River Valley near Rosebud, Alberta is a sanctuary for wildlife carved in the cultivated prairie landscape. Relax for five minutes and watch in High Definition on a big screen. You will be transported to this peaceful valley with a rich history. It is an ecological treasure that all Canadians can take pride in protecting for future generations.

Video by Jon Groves

Rosebud River Valley Bank Swallows at Lenglet Siding!

July 11, 2021 Portion of active bank swallow colony adjacent to proposed racetrack. Critical habitat in the proposed recovery strategy for this Federally threatened species at risk.


Rosebud’s Own Donovan Snider!

Hi friends! I made this cover of Joni Mitchells’ “Big Yellow Taxi” for two reasons:
1. It was fun
2. To add my creative voice to the efforts of My beautiful hometown is threatened by the proposed development of the Badlands Motorsports Resort. If it proceeds, the tranquil essence of the valley and the fragile ecosystem surrounding it will be irreparably damaged. While the county in charge (Kneehill) controls only 1/4 of the land, they get to make all the decisions, so we residents of Wheatland County are left to grassroots movements to appeal for the government to do a full environmental review of the project in the hopes it will be recognized as an irresponsible step backward from sustainability. Please take a moment to send emails to those in office through the link provided and join us in preserving the beauty of the Akokiniskway valley and surrounding wetlands. Thank you!


CBC Documentary Series “The Wild Canadian Year”

Watch the Rosebud River Valley’s very own Golden Eagles in the episode “Summer”


Golden Eagles Rosebud River Valley – Threatened by a Racetrack Development

This pair of golden eagles has been breeding in the Rosebud valley on lands adjacent to the proposed racetrack for many years. They are sensitive to human activity and it’s a rare to have a pair of golden eagles breeding in an area dominated by cultivation. The undisturbed valley provides the eagles with critical habitat in a landscape dominated by cropland. It is imperative that the valley be protected if sensitive raptors like the golden eagle are to remain in the area. This pair of golden eagles was recently filmed by the CBC for a documentary airing in October 2017.

Video by Jon Groves

Prairie Falcons Rosebud River Valley – Threatened by a Racetrack Development

Recently fledged prairie falcons immediately adjacent to the proposed racetrack development. The species at risk setback guideline for development is 1000m from prairie falcon nest sites in Alberta. These prairie falcons are less than 300m from the proposed race track. The sensory disturbance of an operational racetrack will almost certainly cause the abandonment of falcon nesting territories in the Rosebud River valley.

Video by Jon Groves

The Rosebud River Valley

Watch carefully. This racetrack development will destroy what you see forever.

The bank where the Prairie Falcon nests will no longer be home to a falcon. The noise above and below will drive falcons away. They are supposed to be protected by our governments. They require a 1,000 meter buffer around them.

The river banks below are home to the threatened bank swallows. These swallows forage constantly over the wetlands along with countless other species including many threatened and sensitive. As the high speed cars speed around these wetlands the swallows will be gone.

Race cars will zoom up onto the plateau in the middle. Pavement and fencing will destroy threatened and endangered species of rare grasses.

The moose will disappear from here. The wildlife corridor they have always used will be blocked by fencing and it better be high enough to stop this big guy from stepping onto a racetrack.

The steep banks are prone to erosion the second they are disturbed. Road construction into the valley will cause huge destruction.

The roads and tracks and buildings above … storm water, sewage, oil and gasoline spills, sediment … all flowing into the river below. That’s how gravity works. It all flows down.

The Rosebud River Valley! This is our valley. This is your valley. For Kneehill and Wheatland Counties, for the Province of Alberta, for all Canadians, holding on to this wonder could be the most important gift we give to future generations. Think carefully about what your residents hold dear. Let’s protect it, not reject it.

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